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Notable Events

Aside from community-hosted events, the town offers a fascinating array of activities all year round.

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Jazz afficionados are treated to summer concerts by world-renowned musicians, while popular artists provide entertainment in the various lounges, bars and casinos.

Recreational sports facilities abound. Fly and sports fishing are options all year round because many of the lakes, streams and reservoirs within the Lake Tahoe area.

All these amenities provide Kelly Ridge residents with a wide choice of fun-filled activities that can be enjoyed with neighbors, friends or family members.

Resident Feature

Larry’s Special Angels

Born on May 27, 1940 in Colorado Springs, Larry Kendall has seemingly done it all. He travelled the world as an electronic warfare specialist with the U.S. Army, worked for the El Dorado County in California as a mechanical engineer and later super- vised the county’s inmate worker program.

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In the early 1990’s Larry retired and decided to become an artist. He started carving wildlife and animals using various types of wood. A few years later, under the tutelage of grandmaster and renowned artist Dave Russo, Larry learned how to paint. Larry was commissioned to paint landscapes and wildlife by national groups and private benefactors alike. He has a total of 60 paintings currently in private collections.

In September 2002, Larry fell off a 35-foot scaffold as he was working on a large mural commissioned by one of his clients in Lake Tahoe. The accident left Larry with severe head injuries and completely shattered the bones in his right arm. He was also in and out of a coma for four years. When he was well enough to leave the hospital, Larry found himself moving into his car because he could no longer afford his living expenses.

At the Lake Tahoe senior center, Larry found a flyer announcing the opening of the new Kelly Ridge property. He applied and qualified for one of the brand new apartments.

Since he accident Larry’s doctors opened up his arm and scrapped out the fragments attaching a titanium humerus bone to his shoulder. Eight years after his harrowing accident, Larry comfortably lives in his cozy apartment at Kelly Ridge is back to painting his famous landscapes. He is currently working on 20 paintings that have been commissioned in the last several years. Larry says: “Life is good at Kelly Ridge, all the things I have in my apartment except for my paintings have been given to me by special angels. “

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